Family Events

Planning to bring family together?

As an event organizer, we can help you arranging family events of any size. We know how to make it fun and enjoyable. Let’s know about the date and preferred location (Or allow us to suggest), rest things we will be taken care from our side.

How do we do?

  • Finalize the location and Date
  • Determine the scope
  • Confirm the list of attendees
  • Plan for event activities
  • Finalize the accessories
  • Get confirmation from your side
  • Start the action plan

Official Events

Host a perfect official event with Dakshin

We make your corporate events in Chennai large enough to make a difference. We don’t just treat your events like an afterthought rather make it more strategic while keeping business-driving purposes in mind. Irrespective of your budget and size of audience, we add great insights to your corporate event management to make it memorable for your clients and employees.

What we focus the most?

  • Your audience
  • Their comfort
  • RSVP management
  • Food and Drinks
  • Decorations
  • Audio Visual elements

We also look for the type of venues those can best accommodate your companyparty events in Chennai. We make sure all your guests have got the invitations long before the event and coordinate with them to create the most-accurate event check-in list. We also understand the importance of a good decoration and AV equipment which is why, we engage a team of creative people to take care of those elements.

Value Adds

Special Add-on services just for you!

In house catering

While we look for corporate event management in Chennai, we also cater for small in-house parties. Now call for an in-house party anytime and leave the catering to us. With best catering team available, we are all set to provide a hassle-free catering service for your party requirements.

Destination and wonderful place for your passion of photography

Apart from event management, you will also find your association with us to be helpful for destination photography. Our experienced team of photographers can bring the best out of you and the location to create a perfect album for future.

Innovative ideas and venues

Being popular as surprise event planner of Chennai, we can suggest innovative ideas to make your event and party more engaging for your audience. Also, we can suggest venues those will be under an easy proximity for guests to attend your party.

Fun to Food

While you will be busy partying, we will look after the beverage part. Your attendees will be served with finger-licking dishes that will mark a permanent memory of your event in their mind. Our past clients have rated us as the top performer in the list of event management companies in Chennai.